Server Wipe and PatchRE: Announcements


Patch version RE: is still some ways out, however I wanted to make this announcement now. When PatchRE: is deployed all accounts will be fully wiped. However, this wipe will only be partial. I will be restoring levels by handing out EXP potions to players so that they may take a character to a predetermined level. The potions will be set to level a character from level 1 to 25, 50, 75, and 100. You will receive a potion for the nearest level to your current two main characters. I will also restore your 10 most valuable items (This limit does not include limited event items such as the Genesis stone.) on each character (A total of 20 items + limited event items). I will also hand out skill point potions. The amount of skill points you will receive is TBA.

To Summarize

  • You will be given 2 exp potions to level 2 new characters up to level 25, 50, 75, or 100, depending on your level at wipe.
  • Up to 20 items will be restored on your account, this limit excludes event items.
  • You will be given a skill point potion. The amount of skill points is TBA.


Why do you need to wipe the servers?

PatchRE: is a complete ground up rework of the game, and so the databases are no longer compatible.

Why not restore all characters to their exact level?

This would be time consuming. While I initially considered this, as this is a one man project I have decided to instead work on future content.

Highest Level Contest

The highest level player at the end of the current patch cycle will receive a special back item called God’s Chosen Wings. These limited edition wings will give incredible bonuses, and will be usable starting at level 1. In the case of a tie in levels, the player with the highest combined level from all characters on their account will win.

Level 110 Contest

The level 110 contest will also begin with the release of patchRE:. The first to level 110 will have a special and powerful item named after them. (Some naming limitations will apply.)

Special Raid

For the first 3 months after the release of PatchRE: a special raid will be available to players. The raid boss will have a very small chance of dropping a Golden Ticket. You may trade this item in to a developer and request a feature to be added to the game. (Some limitations apply.)


Thanks everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all in PatchRE:.


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