Rebirth BlackSunset 1.0

Rebirth BlackSunset patch 1.0

ETA: April 27th

Patch Notes

  • Level cap is currently a soft cap at 40. More higher level content will be added very quickly.
  • Forestry, Botany, Smithing, Cooking, and mining will be available on release. More professions planned to follow soon.
  • 2 classes on release. Assassin and Larim. Paladin will be coming quickly in the next major patch.
  • Item sets now in the game. Only raid bosses drop item sets.
  • Instancing in the game. Dungeons are placeholder and will be further worked on in the future.
  • Cashshop is fully functional. (VIP/Sub system to come.)
  • Items may now grant a bonus buff upon taking damage. This type of item is very rare.
  • Highly aggressive monsters will now display a “!” when they target you.
  • Special currencies added to the game. You can see your currencies by pressing the bag icon in the inventory window.
  • You can now change your password.

Please note this is a ground up rework of all systems. It is impossible to list all new features.

Known Issues

  • Animation issues. This is a persistent issue, and I am still working to solve it.
  • Paper dolling issues. I am also working on this.
  • Randomly on very rare occasions there are collision issues. I have noticed that in an hour of testing 1-2 items will fall through the ground. I am looking into this.

To Come

  • I am still working on the Audio and UI. This will look and sound better in the future I promise.
  • The tank class will be coming very soon. Swords and Shields are already in the game.
  • VIP/Sub system coming soon. You will be able to purchase a subscription from the cashshop, this will give you some special benefits such as cosmetics having a chance to drop from ordinary monsters.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for bearing with me as I have worked on this project in my spare time. The past 6 months I have put all of my knowledge into this rebuild. I have learned a lot from the mistakes of my past builds, and I think this coming build is the best one yet. I am very happy with the current architecture, and the game is in a state where I do not see the need to rebuild it ever again. Thanks for playing!



(Per point)

Strength: Flat HP +5, Percent Damage + 0.005%, Flat Damage +1.

Vitality: Flat HP +15, Percent Health + 0.01%.

Wisdom: Percent Mana + 0.01%, Flat Mana + 1, Percent Damage + 0.01%, Percent Critical Evasion + 0.005%.

Intelligence: Percent Mana + 0.01%, Flat Mana + 15, Percent Damage + 0.005%.

Dexterity: Percent Block + 0.005%, Percent Critical + 0.01%.



  • Dark Elemental Resistance +0.01% per level
  • BASE HP 100
  • +5 hp per level
  • Hp recovery BASE 3
  • BASE MANA 75
  • +6 mana per level
  • Mana recovery rate 1
  • Per level mana recovery rate +1
  • BASE Damage 1
  • Damage per level 1
  • BASE defense 2
  • BASE block chance 0.02%
  • BASE Critical Chance 0.01%
  • BASE Speed 6


  • Earth Elemental Resistance +0.01% per level
  • BASE HP 75
  • +3 hp per level
  • Hp recovery BASE 3
  • BASE Mana 150
  • +10 mana per level
  • Mana recovery rate 2
  • Per level mana recovery rate 1
  • BASE Damage 1
  • Damage per level 1
  • BASE defense 1
  • Defense per level 1
  • BASE Speed 5

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask zarz on discord!



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