Patch V0.5

Hello everyone, patch v0.5 brings some huge new and exciting changes to Re:Birth.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some animation issues.
  • Fixed some UI and visual issues


  • Added an entirely new map
  • Added 2 new monsters
  • Added over 10 new pieces of gear INCLUDING BRAND NEW TYPES OF GEAR!
  • Added left and right hand rings
  • Added Capes
  • Added Necklaces
  • All alpha players will now receive an exclusive “Alpha Tester” cape.
  • Added “Herbs” to the world
  • Herbs can be used to craft potions
  • Added “Ores” to the world
  • Added “Bars” to the game
  • Different ores can be fused together to create bars
  • Bars can be used to craft exclusive gear.
  • Added gear enhancment
  • You can now enhance crafted gear up to +10

This is a huge patch, please expect bugs. Please report any of these bugs you find to me!



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