Patch RE: 1.12

Patch RE:V1.12

I am using an all new rendering system in this version. I have noticed that around Griffons there is a massive hit to performance. I am aware of this and looking into it. If you find any other areas with issues please report it in our discord.


New content

  • GPU Instancing for all objects
  • GPI for all grass and trees
  • Added new skills to the hero/heroine
  • Added a skill reset scroll to the game. Everyone can get one free from a quest, after that you may purchase them from the cashshop.
  • Added a new area
  • Added a new dungeon
  • Added teleport scrolls to the game


  • Crown HP:-500 -> -350 and +2 def
  • Murderer -2% hp/s -> -1%hp/s
  • Increased skill exp cost of all skills
  • Increased max level of both health aura abilities


  • Fixed an issue preventing some skills from being cast on other players
  • Fixed some issues causing a memory leak.

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