Patch 1.1

Hello everyone! Patch 1.0-1 has been pushed through. This patch has taken a long time to wrap up and is a culmination of over 6 months of work. This patch includes all the necessary features to really call Re:Birth a MMO. I am really excited to get some internal testing done with our hand picked internal testers. See you on the shards!

  • Log-in system has been updated, you can now choose your sex and edit some basic character model settings such as arm size.
  • Spell system has been created. You can now cast spells in both turn based and normal combat
  • EXP and Level systems have been created. You can level up now!
  • Stat system has been created. You can now add stats!
  • Major bugs have been fixed
  • Some security issues have been resolved.
  • Art assets added
  • Sound assets added

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