Patch 0.95

Patch Version 0.95

This patch was requested by several players in order to fix issues in drop rates and with the Obby dungeon. The patcher is not included in this version as it is being worked on for 1.0.

New Content

  • All 1% drop items except Obby Dagger now drop at a 5% chance. Obby Dagger now has a 2% drop rate.
  • Level 75. Giant Crab added to the game.
  • Several new items added to the game.
  • Added crafting items back to the blacksmith. Taking them away was unintentional.
  • Made the Obby dungeon larger.
  • Changed the position of Death and made him a bit tougher.
  • Added the ability to +1 the Enchanted Bone Axe and Shield.

Thanks again for playing!


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