Patch 0.8

Patch Version 0.8

This patch includes some backbone changes and several improvements suggested by testers.

New content

  • Fixed some typos.
  • Added class tags to items.
  • Fixed the warrior run animation so that it doesn’t cause clipping when wearing a shield.
  • Buffed the Undead Hero.
  • Buffed Strong Hit.
  • Made the trade and party buttons way bigger. A more elegant solution will be deployed soon.
  • Did an EXP balance pass on all monsters.
  • Added some new pets to the game. You can grab the skeleton pet from a quest!
  • Major back-end networking changes. Upgraded the network from 32bit to 64bit. This should fix the index out of range issues.
  • Several new monsters.
  • The +3 Bronze sword now has a special particle effect.
  • Added a new craftable necklace.

Thank you to all of my testers. You make my life easier!


One thought on “Patch 0.8

  • GGJay

    Awesome update looking forward to playing it <3


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