Patch 0.7

Patch Version 0.7

This patch includes mostly bug fixes. However, one big system is seeing some sweeping changes. The stat system has been completely revamped. I cannot offer stat point resets at this time, I apologize.


  • Added 1 new quest. This quest will make getting your first golden anvil just a bit easier.
  • Buffed “old sword”. In the previous patch I had nerfed old sword in order to tone the thief’s power level down. However, I have determined that the attack speed nerf to thief was enough.
  • New stat system. This is the largest changed this patch. All new stats with all new effects!
  • Sound issue fixed… maybe… This bug has been surprisingly difficult to fix. I think I got it this time though! Fingers crossed.
  • Nerfed Morbid Repair again. Who knew HP regen would be so strong.
  • Spell particles added to some abilities. I will continue to add new effects every patch.

Overall this is a small patch, but it has a lot of important changes.

Thank you for testing.


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