Patch 0.6

Patch 0.6


New content

  • Lowered Grimoire drop rate. This item is meant to be rare and shouldn’t be found so easily.
  • Added a prototype dialogue system. Speak to the Alpha Tester Welcomer to see it, and please leave feed back.
  • Increased Pumpkin Piece drop rate. This item is used to craft a consumable which is important to the health of the game.
  • Added a forestry system. This is part of the crafting system.
  • Added off hand daggers. Animations look awkward. This will be fixed in the future!
  • Added the Thief class.
  • Added the Acolyte class.
  • Added the Scholar class.
  • Added soundFX. These are currently bugged and not working.
  • Added movement speed on items.
  • Changed skill text to be easier to read.
  • Added spears, ornaments, and devices. (These are all weapons.)
  • Added powerful hidden spells. This will be reworked into skill trees at some point.
  • Added a mini-dungeon with a powerful off hand dagger that may drop.

Looking forward.

In the next patch I hope to fix the sound issue and add particle effects for all skills.

As always, thank you for playing.


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